Remote-Controlled Blowgun

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Remote-Controlled Blowgun

The conservation of endangered species can often require the immobilisation andcapture of animals. The trapping and darting procedure can result in significant stress for the animal. We have designed and constructed a minimally invasive capture system, based around a remote-controlled blowgun, which helps to reduce the level of stress involved.

The device may be operated from a distance of about 100 metres. High accuracy shots are possible up to 25 metres. The DDC is rain-proof and can be operated in ambient temperatures from -20°C to +50°C. An automatic heating system keeps the narcotics in the dart above +5° C. The device is fitted with a highly light-sensitive camera and an infrared spotlight allowing monitoring at night. A PIR (passive infrared) Sensor detects movement and alerts the capture team through the control box, by light and/or sound.

A laser pointer and a red crosshair on the control box screen are used to calibrate and aim the device. A monometer gauge is used to achieve the appropriate pressure. The device can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically from the control box in order to positionthe target animal on the screen. The control box can be up to 100m from the device, connected via a cable reel.

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